Co-owner Tom Sweeney works on equipment at Sweeney Hire.

Sweeney Hire Goes Contactless with Essentials


Since 2016, Sweeney Hire has been providing quality excavation services as well as wet and dry plant hire across the Peel region of Australia and up into Perth. The family-owned business believes that quality service, flexible working hours and machine reliability allow customers to complete their projects to the highest standards.


As co-owners of a relatively small hire company, Tom (pictured above) and Mel Sweeney had casually looked for hire software, but were still able to manage with Google Calendar and Xero. When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it caused them to re-evaluate their processes and look more closely at options that would allow them to run their business more safely.


Point of Rental’s Essentials product provides the features they were looking for. From electronic signatures to prepayment and even an online booking system, it allows Sweeney Hire the freedom to handle hire contactlessly.


Implementation went smoothly – Point of Rental took Sweeney Hire’s inventory and client lists and set up the system for them, making the system usable from the first day.

“It took a while to get used to the system,” said Mel. “Customer service has been excellent in pointing us in the right direction when we’ve had trouble finding something. But when you’re about a month into using Essentials, you’ll find yourself with a lot more free time.”

Now a couple of months into using Essentials, she says Sweeney Hire has seen a massive improvement in their efficiency. Clients are choosing to pre-sign and pre-pay for hires, making it easy to just hook up the equipment and see ‘em go when a customer arrives on site.

Essentials’ integration with Stripe even allows them to handle credit card orders from their phone and save billing information securely to the client’s profile. That means that extended hires or refuelling fees can be handled faster later on.

“[Point of Rental] has nailed some pretty impressive features,” said Mel. “They’ve really simplified the day-to-day running of the business.”

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