We live in an age where retaining skilled employees long term can be challenging. Aside from the standard employment benefits, creating a workplace where your employees feel that they are part of a team can go a long ways for employee retention. At Point-of-Rental, we’ve found that fun, regular company outings are a great way to energize our employees and help everyone grow together as a team.

This concept of “teamwork” was used literally when we held our last company golf outing. We’ve heard it said that you can tell when your golf game is bad because you have to get your ball retriever re-gripped before your clubs. Keeping this in mind, our team and our families decided to skip the course and head to Top Golf’s driving range to give our ball retrievers a rest.

With the sun shining and a perfect 75 degrees (crazy for Texas in May), the day couldn’t have been better for our employee event. The day began with delicious food, great friends and a lot of golf—the perfect combination for fun. Everyone was in for a nice friendly competition until the employee’s kids started beating the adults’ scores, then it was quickly decided to stop keeping track of points. In the end, everyone came out a winner and now have a Top Golf T-shirt to prove it. Top Golf guarantees that your experience will be fun even if you don’t have any golf skills—we are happy to attest that!

“You can’t beat the CEO at golf, that’s practically the first rule of business. So… let’s just say I did poorly on purpose,” said Lauren Harris with the power move of coming in dead last… just behind the CEO.

If you’re looking for more ways to help your employees feel engaged and relax together outside of the office, try out your own team building activities. We’d love to hear some of your success stories in the comments below!