The next edition of Rental Essentials is available!

Our development team has been busy in the lab, adding features to ensure Essentials is continuing to delight you with its capabilities.

Now you can add bulk items to your inventory with Purchase Orders – the system will store vendor information for easy re-orders. You’ll also be able to order multiple items on each order from a single vendor. Once you’ve received the inventory and added it to stock, the purchase order will be fulfilled and closed.

You can attach documents directly to items in your inventory. When that item is put into a transaction, you’ll be able to see the additional documentation and download or print it out from the contract.

There are also options to determine which payment options you’ll take or if you want to require counter staff to enter their password when they’re verifying an electronic signature. Receipts from online reservations now have .pdfs of the receipts attached. Load times have improved, you can filter subrental reports by item, and customers will now have a full week to get you their electronic signature before you’ll have to send a new request.

Happy Pointing!