Rouse Rental and Equipment Insights is the go-to source for actionable and precise benchmarking solutions in the construction equipment rental industry. With our tailored data and reporting services, you can confidently make fleet and pricing decisions utilizing local market rate and utilization benchmarks, giving your company a strategic edge. Here’s a glimpse of what both products offer and how it can benefit your business:

Unmatched Data Accuracy:

Rouse enables rental companies and dealers to benchmark their rental and equipment sale performance against their local competitors. We collaborate with over 375 companies across North America, the UK, the EU, Australia, and Japan, serving as the hub of construction equipment data, analytics, and insights. Tethered to our clients’ ERP systems, we receive direct and secure data feeds, providing a daily snapshot of unit-level fleet details and invoice-line level billing details. By capturing actual closed invoices and achieved rates, Rouse ensures our benchmarks reflect rates billed to customers rather than list rates or quoted rates. Our standardized data process, supported by extensive equipment industry knowledge, ensures the utmost accuracy to guide your best and most profitable decisions.

Unparalleled Data Coverage:

Our vast proprietary network allows us to collect vital information nightly, providing an extensive overview of the industry. With our comprehensive data, including $75 billion worth of equipment fleet data nightly, $32 billion in annual rental transaction volume, and $24 billion in private-party machinery sale transactions, we present aggregated and de-identified data with valuable performance comparisons across rental rates, utilization, machinery resale values, and other key performance indicators.

Empowering Fleet Management:

In addition to offering market comparisons on Physical and Financial Utilization, Rouse provides detailed insights into supply and demand dynamics for your markets and branches at a product level. By gaining a deeper understanding of the rental market’s evolution and combining this information with our fleet value trends, companies can make data-driven decisions around fleet planning. This multi-layered approach presents an unprecedented view of your company’s complete revenue stream, enabling you to benchmark against industry averages from the beginning to the end of your asset’s lifecycle. With Rouse’s comprehensive data and analytics, you can proactively adapt to market changes, optimize asset utilization, and maximize profitability throughout your business journey.

Secure, User-Friendly Platforms:

With our best-in-class proprietary reporting platform and mobile app, designed exclusively for equipment rental companies and dealers, you gain unlimited user access to accurate fleet performance tracking and industry comparisons. Our mobile app empowers salespeople with confidence while quoting customers, providing easy access to fleet availability, as well as benchmark and customer pricing. We prioritize your data protection with enterprise-level security protocols, encryption, and rigorous testing.

Why Choose Rouse Rental and Equipment Insights:

In today’s rapidly changing rental and used equipment markets, staying informed and agile is paramount. More and more companies turn to Rental and Equipment Insights for construction equipment market intelligence and informative benchmarking intel. In 2022, we welcomed 60 new rental companies and dealers to our customer base, appraised over $50 billion of equipment in North America and the UK, introduced benchmarks for the Material Handling and Crane spaces, and offered customizable reporting and API endpoints for our valued customers.

Seamless Integration:

Rouse Rental and Equipment Insights is fully integrated with Point of Rental, streamlining the process and eliminating the need for IT resources or lengthy onboarding procedures. Join us at the Point of Rental International Conference on October 1-4, 2023, to discover how Rouse Rental and Equipment Insights can elevate your fleet management and drive success in a competitive market. Unlock your potential with our benchmarking solutions and lead your business to new heights of success. Sign up for our free trial today at [email protected].