2023’s Point of Rental conferences were all about building together. More than 250 of our rental and hire partners from around the world joined us in October and November, and that reminded us a little of a saying we know:

Something Old: 2023’s International Conference brought us back to Fort Worth, Texas.
Something New: We held our first Syrinx Conference at our offices in Reading, England, as well.
Something Borrowed: Y’all, this is the rental/hire industry, everything around us is borrowed.
Something Blue: We’re sad that Point of Rental’s 2023 Conference Season is over!

Yes, 2023’s conferences were big on partnership. Here are some of the highlights from our events in Fort Worth and Reading:

Focus Groups!

Everyone loves having their voices heard. While our development team uses uInnovate year-round to implement your ideas into the software, there’s no substitute for face-to-face interaction. Focus groups at both conferences put product development leaders in a room with people that know the software best and let ‘em share each others’ vision for the future of our products and their features.


It’s no secret that the rental/hire industry is possibly the friendliest and most helpful industry in the world (well, at least it isn’t a secret among people within the industry). When you’re attending a Point of Rental conference, you’re networking with people that use the same exact software you use, so you already know that the cool idea you just heard is supported within your system.

Genius Bars & Consulting!

People love one-on-one attention and problem-solving help. While uLearn handles the basic questions people have, everyone operates just a liiiiiiittle differently than the rest of the industry in some way or another. So individualized Genius Bar appointments make everyone happy. And people were excited about Point of Rental’s consulting services, which allows them to get that one-on-one attention to all aspects of their operations on-site.

Business Insights!

In addition to working with other rental leaders, taking classes to get refreshed on Point of Rental basics, and attending focus groups, attendees appreciated the opportunity to see into the Point of Rental organization by meeting and conversing with the team behind the software. With CEO Wayne Harris and product and support leaders worldwide attending the company’s conferences, they’re a great place to get a sense of the company and its people and how much is going on behind the scenes to make the industry’s best rental/hire software. And with time to visit our in-house developers and support teams, attendees got to meet the people they’ve talked to on the phone over the past year.

Now that 2023’s conferences are complete, Point of Rental is prepping for a 2024 where we’ll build on the connections we made and work harder to communicate with you. We want everyone to feel as excited about the future as the folks leaving our conferences did!

Want to see what our conference attendees are so excited about? Fill out the form below; we’ll work with you to see what Point of Rental can do for your business.