In 2018, we introduced a simpler, memorable set of core values to help guide new Pointers as they integrate into our culture. Point of Rental employees are EPIC: Empowering, Principled, Innovative, and Caring. 2018’s Employees of the Year* epitomized those values. So we tried to find out a bit about what makes them tick.

What is it you do around here?

Jesse Adams, U.S. Employee of the Year: Internal IT and customer-facing IT. Basically, in addition to helping customers navigate IT issues, I’m also helping set up new employees with their computers, network connections, etc.

Kelly Earp, U.K. Employee of the Year: I manage the admin team; I also stalk colleagues for expenses and receipts as part of my day-to-day management of the office. Other than that, it’s various admin and accounts tasks.

Why do you like being here? What inspires you to put in the work that earned you so many Employee of the Year votes?

Jesse: The people. It’s always refreshing to speak with people while I’m working on internal processes. Each day, I’m getting to learn more about everyone that works here as I’m helping solve their problems.

Kelly: First of all, it’s a great team to work with; I enjoy being around my co-workers. Secondly, the company’s mission and vision align well with mine; I do aim to use the skills I have to improve others’ lives.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Jesse: Learning. I love expanding my knowledge regarding internal and external facing items.

Kelly: Knowing that my work opinions and input are valued.

What non-work fact should people know about you?

Jesse: I originally went to school to become a pâtissier before making a career change into IT. Both careers require a very methodical problem-solving approach that appeals to me – if you skip a step or do something in the wrong order, you can completely ruin the outcome. Ultimately, IT just offered a much more stable career path.

Kelly: I’m afraid of odd numbers. For example, I trick myself into thinking that the K in my name, because it’s a big letter, counts as two, so my first name isn’t five letters long. Or that the dot on the i in Point (as in Point of Rental) counts as a letter. I used to count vegetables on my plate and only eat even numbers; same with crisps.

Do you have any hobbies?

Jesse: Playing video games – as I’ve grown older, I prefer single-player RPGs that allow me to explore a world at my own pace and relax.

Kelly: I’m part of a running club, though I’m not sure if I’m practicing running away from things or running toward them. Perhaps it’s because so many people tell me I shouldn’t drive.

What would you tell someone trying to become Employee of the Year in 2019?

Jesse: Do your best and speak with everyone – if your name is at the top of everyone’s mind when they’re thinking about their co-workers, you’re a shoo-in for the win.

Kelly: Work hard and inspire your team, go over and above what’s required, be proactive, and bring a positive attitude to work. Even if you’re not Employee of the Year, you’ll be someone people want to work with.

*Our Australian team, believing that it would be impossible to choose just one Employee of the Year, did not vote for an award winner in 2018.