For my exercise, I run.

I might have to qualify that for those of you who identify as runners:

Let’s just say I jog. I’m a solo jogger; I never figured out how to run with someone else and have a conversation through the hard breathing. I also have trouble finding a running partner who runs at the same (pretty slow) pace and tempo as I do.

Then there’s the whole awkward conversation of when to turn back. You never want to be the person that suggests it. When do you stop for a break? Which path do you take? You might see I have some other issues as well that keep me from being a team runner.

Last fall, however, I had an unfortunate event involving a ladder, a nail gun, and an Emergency Room visit that resulted in a broken ankle. You might think that six months would be enough time for healing, but running still doesn’t feel great for my ankle. So in the interim, I bought a bike. With the bike, I can get back out there without beating up my ankle over and over again. Now I’m wondering what took me so long to start biking. It’s incredible.

The dynamics of cycling are vastly different from running. Stopping for a break while running means halting your forward progress entirely. Even if you just want to survey the landscape as you run, you are very likely to end up on your face because you need to pay attention to where to put your next step. Cycling, meanwhile, allows you to take a little break without stopping – just stop pedaling. And as long as you’re not mountain biking around tree roots, you can safely look around and enjoy the view.

Then there are these gears! I know some runners have “gears”. They can kick into overdrive whenever they want. I am not one of those people. I’m what you would call a “fixed speed” person. But on my bike, if I want to go faster, I just change the gear. I’m exerting the same amount of effort, but now I’m propelled faster. I’m not sure whether to be embarrassed about this, but my bike is an eBike. It is amazing! You’re coming up to a hill (I would say mountain, but I live in Texas), press a button, and magically each pump of the pedals produces a larger force to scale the hill with ease.

But I’m not a fitness blogger – what’s this have to do with business?

The journey from jogging to cycling mirrors the evolution of businesses. The common business mantra of “crawl, walk, run” misses a crucial progression: “Crawl, walk, run, bike*.”

Everything is all up to you when you’re starting out, whether you’re crawling, walking, running or starting a business. The business only goes as fast as you can carry it. If you push harder, the business grows faster, but if you stop to rest, the business also stops.

To get going faster and to keep going further, you’re going to need to go beyond yourself. Rather than a bicycle, in business you’ll implement standard operating procedures, processes, and people. Then, even if you (as the leader) stop pedaling for a bit, the business continues its forward momentum because those people and processes will keep going. As your processes, procedures, and people develop, they’ll take you into higher gears, allowing you to propel the business at an even faster rate. The same level of effort from you accelerates your business even faster.

Technically, you can work and work and train and train and get just about anywhere on a bike. But in business, you’ll probably wear yourself and your team out before you get there unless you take the next step: The eBike**.

As you come to a hill, the eBike kicks in to assist in tackling it. In the same way, technology helps a business navigate the obstacles facing it more efficiently.

  • Equipment companies can track and find lost or stolen equipment with GPS tracking.
  • RFID tags enable easy counting and tracking of linens, napkins, and other event items.
  • During COVID, self-service and touchless technology allowed businesses to continue.
  • Digital inspections on delivery and pickup increases customer satisfaction and helps protect the value of your equipment.
  • A consumer portal allows customers to do business with you any time of day; checking the status of a delivery, copy of a contract, make a payment, call an item off rent.

Technology also allows rental companies to change along with evolving consumer preferences. Companies that allow customers to do business when and where they want are growing faster than their counterparts. Here at Point of Rental, we’ve introduced several technological advancements such as electronic signature, Consumer Portal, eCommerce, and remote payment options to help you cater to evolving consumer preferences and drive growth.

As you reflect on your business, do you feel that the entire weight of the company is on your shoulders and its success rises and falls with you? If so, you are running (or crawling or walking). It’s time to see how you can empower your employees, set up scalable processes, and use technology to transform your business.

As you pedal forward in business, just like when you switch from running to cycling, you’ll find the journey less burdensome and more exhilarating. By implementing systems, people, and technology, even on your toughest days, you’ll be advancing with less effort and more impact.

So take a moment, look around, and appreciate how far you’ve come and how much smoother your ride can be. The right tools, team, and technology don’t just keep your business moving, they can accelerate your progress, conquer new heights, and lead you through uncharted territories with confidence. The wind on your face doesn’t just signal speed; it’s a breath of fresh freedom, the exhilarating sense of moving forward on an open road to success.

Are you ready to change gears and experience the joy of biking in your business journey?

*Ed. note: If any bike companies would like to sponsor Wayne or use this tagline for themselves, email [email protected].
**Again, eBike companies, let us know if you’d like to ship us some promotional eBikes to thank Wayne for this promo: [email protected].