When five Point of Rental users were named to Rental Management Magazine’s 12 to Watch Under 40 list, we reached out to them to find out what helped get them there and what they love about the rental industry. Here’s what they had to say:

What do you think got you on the list of “12 to watch under 40”?

Sam Castillo, Tates Rents: I led the effort in passing Idaho’s Theft of Services Bill this year as ARA of Idaho’s president. This bill supports our industry and solves many issues as the population blows up in our valley. I’ve also grown our state association and feel as though my board is much more involved. I hope that my willingness to get involved no matter what the workload may entail is what got me on the list. I have no fear of failure; I was raised to know that failure is just a readjustment period and a learning situation.

Garrett Shurling, Badger Rental Services: A few years ago, my cousin/business partner and I wanted to attend The Rental Show and the seminars the Sunday before, so we joined the ARA. We made connections that helped me tremendously with making quality decisions and provided me with a sense of community. Since then, I’ve become involved with the ARA of Georgia, attended Leadership Conference, and met so many amazing people who make me a better leader and a better owner with each and every interaction! Now, I’m a part of a Business Advisory Group comprised of 12 rental store owners that meet twice a year in person and every month virtually.

Alberto Pianelli, F&B Rentals: I’ve never turned down an opportunity to be involved in ARA because from networking and talking to other rental people, I learn so much about what is going on. I can then turn that knowledge into value because I apply what I have learned. I’ve gone to Washington, D.C., to the ARA National Legislative Caucus to be a voice for the rental industry. I take great pride representing our industry.

Who or what do you credit for your success?

Billy Haas, Crown Rental: Mark Linkert and my dad, Doug Haas, are two specific people. As for the ‘what,’ technology and Point of Rental have come in quite handy. The ability to view all manuals at a touch of a button rather than the paper manuals in the never-ending file cabinets is just one aspect in the shop that POR has assisted me in becoming successful.

Castillo: I have to credit everyone I work with. The world kept turning if I was in a meeting with a Senator or in Moline at a Task force meeting. There was always someone picking up the slack and delivering the legendary service that our customers expect. We are a tight knit group and we have the best culture of any rental company I have seen.

ARA is a great organization and I have to thank them for enabling me with the tools and knowledge to grow within the organization. I had the pleasure of working with the ARA PAC (Political Action Committee) and it really grew my knowledge of our industry’s problems. Alyssa Ryan, Ruth Bloom and Shelia McLaughlin have been amazing to work with. They are quick to respond and see everything through to the end. Not to mention all of my peers I have met through YPN (Young Professionals Network), Leadership Conference, caucus and local state meetings.

Shurling: A guy named Charlie Jones said, “Five years from today, you will be the same person that you are today, except for the books you read and the people you meet.” I don’t know if that could be any more true in my life. I was the winner of the genetic lottery in the way that I was born into an amazing family, in a totally amazing community just outside of Savannah, GA. When I was born, my family was already two generations strong in a business that I would grow up to LOVE and be excited about coming to work every day. How lucky is that?

As far as the books I’ve read, books and I have had an interesting relationship throughout my life. Ever since I can remember, I hated reading. All through high school and the little bit of college I attended, I read the bare minimum to get by and hated every second of it. But around 25 years old, I believe God implanted a veracity for reading in my heart and I literally began picking up books and devouring them and haven’t stopped since. I can literally look at my bookshelf and see my journey as a leader. Leaders are readers and readers are leaders.

Why is the rental business special to you?

Matt Mutton, Mutton Party & Tent Rental: In any given week, maybe even a given day, I can break a sweat, put on a tie, hire someone, fire someone, make sales calls, load a truck, pitch a tent and the list goes on. The variety keeps me happy. To see that your staff is stepping up and they’re just as excited about making things better as you are is probably more rewarding than anything. Somehow, a culture developed in which all of our core staff knows we have one goal — be the best.

Castillo: Our industry does amazing things to help people in any situation. We are an industry that thrives in the extremes; not all people can handle our hours. I have always felt that customers are my friends and I am there to provide the tools to make their job and lives better. The rental industry will always be special to me because I work for a great company that makes me feel as if I am part of the family and the continuance of the next generation.

Haas: Well its family-owned for one, but the constant changes and the customers who you form relationships with. The smiles you can bring to their faces in helping them solve a simple issue is not something that every field has to offer.

Shurling: Badger Rental isn’t just a place in Savannah we all work. It’s something we talk about on the weekend with our kids and when I’m out eating with my wife. We relive our history over a beer at a backyard BBQ with my grandparents.  We wear hats and t-shirts on the weekend, and all of our friends do too. It’s been my greatest teacher. It’s also a place of incredible value for others. Badger Rental is a place that lets people do things that they otherwise wouldn’t be able to do. People have built enduring business with a pickup truck, a credit card, and our rental equipment. Families have gotten their life back to normal after Hurricane Matthew last year and Irma this year with our generators, fans, and lawn care equipment. Home owners have saved thousands of dollars by renting our equipment and doing home projects themselves. Team members have found a place here that lets them become who they were meant to be. This place is special. I’m very fortunate to serve as her President/CEO.

Pianelli: Giving back and allowing our employees to give back to the communities that they grew up in really is inspirational. We collect food for the hungry, we collect blankets and clothes for kids and families that live in motels and on the streets, we donate diapers to families that can’t afford them, we help with local Boy Scout and Girl Scout projects, we help renovate baseball fields and soccer fields for local sports and so much more. How awesome is that? We get to give back and share our success within our community. I know it gives everyone who works here pride.