Do you have an old UNIX system and long for the benefits of Microsoft Windows®? Or, a Windows® system that is unsupported? Or maybe one that offers support but at an unaffordable rate? Then you should consider Point-of-Rental™ Systems Enterprise rental management software.


Released in 2001, our Microsoft Windows® based Enterprise product leads the industry in replacing other rental management systems. Point-of-Rental has been installed in nearly 1400 stores and has replaced competitor systems in more than 500! Why?


Since 1984, our systems have built a legacy of reliability and innovation. Most of our sales are based on the recommendations of colleagues. And, why not? No one else is better equipped to know the product and our support services. To help you evaluate our product and services, Point-of-Rental™ Systems will provide you with a complete list of our customers with names and phone numbers.

Support! Our support service is unparalleled. No more frustrations with automated answering services—at Point-of-Rental, your call is answered by a real human being who can resolve your issues directly. And, our experienced support team consists of knowledgeable professionals who formerly worked in rental stores. We speak your language!

Conversion process! We spent a lot of time and money to perfect the data importing & conversion process, and our experience shows. We have replaced many UNIX/LINUX systems including hundreds from former market leaders. In fact, these systems are being replaced so often that we have one programmer working full time to convert Customer, Inventory, and sometimes even transaction databases from competitor systems into the Point-of-Rental Enterprise format.

Features! Updated with new releases yearly, Point-of-Rental™ Systems’ Enterprise offers the latest innovations in our industry.

  • Integrated Credit Card Processing
  • Dispatching with optional GPS integration
  • Business Metrics Dashboard
  • Built in CRM and integration with Google, Yahoo and Microsoft Calendars
  • Automatic General Ledger entries importing into major PC based General Ledgers such as QuickBooks, Peachtree, Microsoft Dynamics, Mas 90/200 and many others!
  • Purchase Orders integrated to and from the Counter System
  • Website hosting with customer portal, optimized Smart Phone delivery, and shopping cart with direct import of inventory requested feature
  • Online searchable reference manual (782 pages) and online user forum
  • Work Orders, Preventative and Remedial Maintenance and job site Service modules

For inquiries on our latest Point-of-Rental™ Systems features, please visit us at the ARA Show in New Orleans, call us at 800-944-7368.