Point-of-Rental Software Launches New Company Videos

Point-of-Rental™ Systems has created multiple videos showcasing its most popular modules, as well as history on the company’s beginnings and growth.

Videos were introduced at this year’s ARA Rental Show in Orlando as part of the company’s bus sponsorship, and played as attendees rode buses to and from the convention center. « If there is a Point-of-Rental module a customer is interested in but wants to first learn what it does and how it can help their rental business, a lot of their questions can be answered just by viewing a short video on it, » says Erica Wright, Point-of-Rental’s public relations and marketing manager. « Furthermore, if a potential customer wants to take a quick look around, learn a bit of history and see what types of things we offer, these videos can definitely help with starting the legwork prior to calling our sales team for additional information. »

The new videos also utilize a few customers of the Point-of-Rental® software who were filmed giving testimonials while attending the company’s 2nd annual International Conference, held October 2013 at Point-of-Rental™ Systems headquarters in Grand Prairie, Texas.

While the company offers over 15 modules, most coming standard with the system, the new videos reflect what customers usually have questions about before purchasing.

To view Point-of-Rental™ System’s videos, visit our YouTube channel. If you’re interested in a feature that isn’t listed, contact the company to learn more.

A propos de Point of Rental Software

Point of Rental fournit des solutions logicielles de gestion de location et d’inventaire qui relient les gens de tous les secteurs de la location et de toutes les fonctions, leur donnant ainsi les outils dont ils ont besoin pour rationaliser leurs opérations et croître de façon stratégique. Depuis plus de 35 ans, Point of Rental est à la pointe de l’innovation dans l’industrie, remportant des dizaines de prix d’innovation et de service pour les logiciels de location. En tant que quadruple Inc. 5000, l’entreprise qui connaît la croissance la plus rapide, dessert des clients dans 80 pays différents à partir de ses bureaux à Dallas, Londres, Melbourne et Johannesburg. Remplissez le formulaire ci-dessous pour découvrir comment une équipe avec plus de 600 ans d’expérience en location sur site peut vous mener là où vous voulez être.

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