Record360 inspection app on a phone and Elite software on a laptop.

Point of Rental Adds First Record360 RMS Integration

Industry-Leading Inspection App Now Integrated with Expert, Elite Platforms

FORT WORTH, Texas — Point of Rental and Record360 have developed the inspection platform’s first integration with a rental management system, integrating Record360 with Point of Rental’s Expert and Elite platforms.

The initial stage of the integration allows users to upload their inventory from Point of Rental Expert or Elite into Record360, ensuring device info is synced properly. Record360 inspections will be linked from within Elite, making users’ equipment data incredibly easy to access.

“When we acquired Record360, we knew integrating it into rental management systems would be a huge value driver for the industry,” said Point of Rental CEO Wayne Harris. “This marks the first step in a long journey of continued collaboration, innovation, and integrations and we’re excited to see how people make the most of the additional functionality.”

Record360 is the leading inspection app for heavy equipment, truck & trailer, and auto industries. Its photo and video documentation tools offer a simple way for rental operators of all sizes to protect their assets by documenting every detail with photos, videos, and checklists. Documenting this data helps business leaders optimize fleet availability with analytics on condition, asset damage, fuel consumption, and other key usability metrics.

“Providing an RMS integration has long been one of the top business needs of our customers,” said Kat Gillis, Record360’s COO. “So I’m particularly thrilled to offer this integration so soon after our partnership with Point of Rental. Our mutual customers will benefit from accurate and efficient data synchronization for enhanced operations and improved decision-making.»

In February, Point of Rental acquired Record360 with plans to integrate Record360’s inspection functionality into rental management systems and expand use of digital inspections worldwide.

To learn more about Record360 and its innovative digital inspection technology, visit

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