With the many ideas and updates constantly going around at the Point-of-Rental headquarters in Grand Prairie, Texas, the company has come up with a new tagline, «Innovation you need. Software you trust.» The tagline will spearhead the company’s overall marketing message and campaign, adding to their position as, «The Leader in Rental Management Software.»

First introduced at the 2013 ARA Rental Show on the back of Point-of-Rental’s new brochure, the tagline is meant to simply explain how the 30 year old company continues to evolve with the customers’ success at the center of all final decisions. The most monumental update in the company’s 30 year history includes the release and install of Enterprise 2013. With Enterprise 2013, the entire rental management software program has been converted to the Microsoft .NET Framework. Among many benefits, the move to the new framework ensures the longevity of Point-of-Rental software, allowing their programmers to continue providing companies with the most advanced rental software available.

«Our award-winning, innovative software speaks for itself with over 1600 users trusting our software to keep their rental business on the cutting edge. This tagline summarizes that,» says Erica Wright, public relations and marketing manager. «I’ve read that many companies’ marketing position already revolve around terms such as «innovation» and «cutting edge.» Last year (2012), The Wall Street Journal reported that the word innovation was used 33,528 times in quarterly and annual reports for 2011. I am sure that this new marketing campaign will resonate with both current customers and prospects.»

94% of Point-of-Rental employees have spent years in the rental industry prior to working for the company; therefore, they know rental. Every year, software updates take place with current customers having the chance to submit enhancement ideas and suggestions with each one being carefully considered. Ideas also come from employees based on their knowledge combined with really listening to customers’ needs. The ingenuity of how to carry out these ideas comes from the company’s programmers.

While the word «Innovation» is already placed on current Point-of-Rental ad materials as a standalone, the tagline in its entirety will soon replace this. Videos and webinars are also in the works – another piece of the marketing campaign.

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