Earlier this summer, my wife and I went on a mission trip to Guatemala with our church. Our church partners with two private schools there whose goal is to change their country and the world by educating children that live in extreme poverty. But they don’t stop simply with academics. Their mission is to change the entire mindset of people living in poverty by teaching nutrition, health, and character, in addition to academics. They care about the entire life of each student, including their families and their well-being. While there we took food baskets to the families and installed wood-burning stoves in widows’ homes. We were very impressed with the passion that these schools had for the students and their desire to help make their futures brighter.

After we left, I felt that Point-of-Rental could do something to help them. As a result, we are partnering with one of the schools to put tablets into the classroom. It is a multi-phase project that will occur over a period of two years. Stage one is to install a dedicated link and LAN (Wi-Fi) connectivity to optimize teachers’ ability to access the world wide web. Stage two will cover the purchase of tablets for each teacher and the principal and provide training to use them within their classrooms. Stage three will integrate tablets into the curriculum and provide 45 tablets for rotating use among the classrooms.

I am excited by this partnership and hope that it grows into more than just our company providing funding for technology. I like their goal of transforming their country by developing students into leaders who will change their environment. It is a noble cause to desire to make the world a better place.

PS. You can visit their site at https://www.dar.org.gt/ and test out your Spanish skills.