Wyoming Rents has provided Wyoming with top-quality rental equipment since 1999. They provide newer model CAT equipment to rent, along with a broad selection of industry-leading product, like access equipment, compressors and air-related tools, compaction equipment, concrete equipment, small generators, material handling equipment, lasers, light towers, pressure washers, etc. Their employees make equipment knowledge a top priority, so their customers can do jobs efficiently and profitably. In 2012, they partnered with Point of Rental Software, helping them do their jobs more efficiently and profitably. We asked Brooke Downs, Wyoming Rents’ Controller, about his experience.

PORWhy were you looking for rental software?

Downs: Back in 2007, we were still using a character-based UNIX system when we decided we needed to modernize and update our software. We were recommended two other companies, and when we tried to implement one of their systems, it was such a disaster that we never even went live with the project before abandoning it. After wasting a lot of time and money, we went back to the old system for a few years. In 2012, we were back in the market and spoke with the team at Point of Rental, who demonstrated
the reasons why your software would be the best fit for a company of our size.

We didn’t just take your word for it, though – we went to speak with Point of Rental customers.

After calling several customers and asking what it did for them, what they liked and didn’t like, and even visiting stores in Idaho and Utah, we determined it was the right product for us.

PORWhat was the transition process like?

Downs: The migration was excellent. Point of Rental programmers migrated our histories and inventories over – they did a very good job with accuracy and with bringing quite a bit of history data over on our customers and equipment. Earl was our trainer and that process went very well.

PORWhat’s been the key to your success at Wyoming Rents?

Downs: Wyoming Rents focuses on rental and serves as a silent partner to the customer. They offer quality equipment and top service to a diverse commercial and residential customer base. From a software standpoint, the maintenance and work order processes are much more streamlined now.  Our maintenance history is much easier to track than with the other systems we’ve tried. That helps keep our fleet ready to go and prevents down time for customers. Finally, our customers are happier and they’re more loyal to Wyoming Rents. Being Windows-based and having the online portal allows us to produce higher-quality documents and emails, not to mention giving customers access to see their open contracts, their statements, and their bills. That ensures everyone has the information they need at any time day or night without anyone having to spend time calling or having an employee look it up for them.  The online portal alone has saved hundreds of hours a month for our team.

PORIf you were talking to a fellow CAT rental store and they asked about your experience with Point of Rental, what would you tell them?

Downs: We are extremely happy with our decision to use Point of Rental Software.  The team is very good at delivering what they promise. The customer service is very good, and any problems we experience get resolved very quickly.  If you want to improve customer satisfaction, call the team at Point of Rental!

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