Aide Rentals & Sales is a family-owned general rental business founded back in 1965. With a pair of locations in South Chicago Heights, Illinois, and Highland, Indiana, the company serves the Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana regions. President Terry Trusgnich grew up in the industry, and he and his team provide in-depth knowledge and experience for equipment, DIY, and party rental customers.


Aide Rentals & Sales used a competitor’s software for a number of years. They transferred to the company’s Windows-based product, hoping it would be easier to use, but things didn’t work out the way they’d hoped. In 2009, they were in the market for a new software.


After an extensive comparison process, Aide Rentals & Sales chose to implement Point of Rental software. 


Even ten years later, Terry and the team at Aide Rentals are still fans of Point of Rental. 

“It’s been an extremely strong system for us – we’re not very big, 15-17 employees – but it’s very intuitive, easy to use…it’s helped us organize our business in many, many different ways,” Terry said.

“I really love the fact that it helps significantly with equipment utilization. We can look, we can say, ‘Okay, we own three of these things, should we get another one or two more?’ and it’ll tell us almost immediately how often we have the first three out and whether we ought to be buying another. That, to me, is worth significant money.”

While the software itself delivers on its promises of easy-to-access information and easy-to-use processes, Terry also appreciates Point of Rental’s dedication to customer service.

“Customer service is excellent. You get an answer almost immediately almost every time. With our old supplier that we were on, that was not the case,” he said. “In today’s fast-paced rental business, you can’t wait that long – you’ve got to have answers when you need them.

“Their support is just second to none.”

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