Peoria Rentals and Morton Rentals serve the rental needs of Central Illinois from their locations in Peoria and Morton, respectively. The two stores provide general tool rental and project knowledge for homeowners and contractors. In addition, they provide DIY or full-service event production services, event rentals. Whether it’s equipment or events, owner Brad Kniep and his team are focused on providing the best rental experience possible.


Brad was just entering the rental industry in 2011 with Peoria Rentals. He wanted to make a long-term investment in his software, knowing that the data captured would be critical to developing his business. Basically, he was searching for a software partner who he knew would understand the rental industry and be a partner with him as he built his business. 


At the ARA Show, Brad talked to numerous Point of Rental customers who recommended the software. He visited the company’s booth and took a demo. Ultimately, Point of Rental’s reputation, functionality, and commitment to service earned his trust.

“Because we were a startup, we weren’t sure about the price,” said Brad. “But we went ahead and made the jump…and it’s been one of the best decisions we’ve made.”


Brad and the team at Morton and Peoria Rentals haven’t looked back.

Their software keeps the team connected, allowing them to provide a seamless customer experience without worrying that somewhere along the process, the ball is going to be dropped. 

“Our office staff, our delivery staff, and our warehouse staff are all on the same page,” said Brad. “Having faith in the software that we use, that the counts are correct, that if the delivery notes say something, the delivery drivers are getting it…the customer expectation is hard to keep throughout the process in the rental industry, and Point of Rental makes it seamless.”

Eight years into his experience with Point of Rental, Brad is happy to be a part of the Point of Rental family.

“When it comes time to pay your employees, there are some employees that you are really excited to give them their paycheck and you almost kind of want to give them a hug, too…when the bill comes for Point of Rental, it’s the same way,” explained Brad. “Their customer service cares about your problem and they’ve seen it before. They know how important it is to be up and running and to get that problem fixed.”

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