Syrinx 365 dashboard shown on a monitor.

Syrinx 365 Goes Live

Hire businesses can see the data that directs their workdays and fuels their decision-making processes anywhere, at any time with the new Syrinx 365, introduced to the public at 2020’s Executive Hire Show. 

“We are excited to share the new features our development team have been working on, and we’ve been delighted at the reaction our customers have had to seeing Syrinx 365,” said Managing Director Mark Goodrum. “These features will make it easier for them to run their businesses, and that’s what innovation is all about.”

Syrinx 365 users will access critical information via a web-based interface, allowing them to see across their company’s locations with a single sign-in. Because it’s web-based, users can see this data away from their desks, on job sites, or even check in on things from the beach on holiday.

On desktops, they’ll log in and see a streamlined web-based dashboard that shows them, at a glance, what’s happening that day. A menu on the dashboard’s left side provides access to the program menu and counter menu, displaying only relevant parts of the software for each user.

The center console contains personalised dashboards, using widgets that access different parts of the database. Each person can set up multiple dashboards to manage each aspect of their role – from invoicing to contracts to service to sales and more – efficiently. 

Integrated weather monitoring allows managers to anticipate needs at their location, other depots, and potentially, job sites – all without leaving the software. They can use that knowledge to easily direct equipment where it will be needed or proactively contact customers, allowing them to delay contracts when adverse weather will limit the ability to get a job done.

Syrinx 365 also introduces in-company messaging, which can be managed both via the dashboard or employees’ mobile devices using the Point of Rental One app, allowing for quick texting back and forth to keep everyone on the same page without tying up customer lines or phone number exchanges. 

The web interface also directly integrates with Syrinx software, meaning users can quickly access all parts of the software, and changes and additions made to data will instantly be reflected. This means information will always be up-to-date and will keep Syrinx 365 users ahead of their workload (and their competition).

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