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Whether you’ve got a full delivery schedule this weekend and a delivery truck is down or your marquees have silly string all over them, there’s enough to worry about when you’re running an event hire business. That’s where Point of Rental comes in. Our software manages your inventory, tracks it, helps you maintain it, and can give you the information you need to produce perfect events consistently.

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Process Contracts in Realtime

Automate the processes that burn resources like time and paper. Our software features real-time contract processing, so contract changes are seen instantly in the warehouse or on the lot. Filled orders are updated instantly and counter staff can see when they’re complete. With RFID integration, you can even automatically scan in items instead of hand-counting everything.

Add items to contracts on the fly

Sell missing or damaged items with a click

RFID integration for speedy check in/out

Double-blind scanning does item sorting for you

Plan and Track Deliveries

When you’re setting up dozens of events on a weekend, you don’t have time to spare between deliveries. Our dispatching solutions help you estimate load weights, plan routes, manage work crews…basically, get your team where they need to be, as efficiently as possible, so everyone can get back home.

Assign efficient delivery, pickup, and service routes


See trucks in realtime and track historical data


Modify routes to accommodate new deliveries/pickups


Keep customers updated with accurate arrival/departure times


Rent Items and Kits Online

Take orders 24/7 without having to leave the lights on – use a Point of Rental-integrated website. Our website integrations allow customers to reserve items online based on accurate, realtime inventory availability – or even generate quotes if you don’t want to don’t want customers thinking you can’t get an item for them.

Choose to make availability visible or not

Photo Galleries show off your capabilities

Customised designs to fit your brand

Portal allows customer access to their contract history, items


The industry leader in event design for decades has joined the Point of Rental family. We’ve started taking user suggestions and are implementing the first upgrades to the software since 2012.

Modify layouts with one click

Video walkthroughs for in-depth visualisation

2D and 3D event modeling

Templates for quick and easy event design

More Apps, More Power

Mobile Apps

Connect your remote employees to Point of Rental’s system as they take care of business.

Inspection Management

Assign inspections and attach them to equipment histories within the system. Data is trackable by employee and item.

Rental eSign

Capture and store digital signatures on any document at a rate structure designed for hire companies.


Estimate load weights, plan routes, manage work crews…get your team where they need to be, efficiently.


See customer histories, set priorities, and map account tasks for your sales team.


Hire 24/7 with smart locker technology. Self-service hire, hire on demand, and after-hours parts pickups.

Jennifer Shinofield
Jennifer Shinofield
Read More
We have been using Point of Rental for almost 5 years and one of the best things about the company is that they truly listen to their users and update the software based on customer feedback they are constantly improving and showing real concern for their customers.
Nazli Rahman
Nazli Rahman
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I love using this software. If I have any questions or concerns, I love knowing that I can call their support team and can get answers or solutions. The staff is always super friendly and helpful. I'm a first time attendee at the International Conference and I'm looking forward to attending next year with more members of the Bravo Location Rentals team.
Matt Clarity
Matt Clarity
Read More
Friendly staff, easy to work with to solve your problems and better your business. Customer service is top notch.
Peter Casas
Peter Casas
Read More
Best Rental software available! We have used solutions by computer and RentalMan. Love being with a company that is always listening to their users and making timely updates to improve the way we do business.
Matt Widing
Matt Widing
Read More
Point of Rental has made a HUGE difference for us! Always appreciate they’re professionalism

What Do Our Customers Say?

Of course we think we’re wonderful; every company does. We’ve provided hire management solutions for 36 years to thousands of companies. Here’s what they have to say!




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Point of Rental Software has been around for more than 35 years. We’ve grown from a software developed for our own hire store to the worldwide brand we are today. We are where we are because we care about our customers and we work to empower them to be successful. 

Because of that principle, we are committed to innovation – we’ve won five consecutive Innovative Product Awards from RER for a reason. That innovation keeps our customers ahead of their competition and frees up their time to suggest further improvements. In 2018, we added 50+ user suggestions to the software. What will Point of Rental be able to handle in the future? That could be up to you.

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