Recently, Point-of-Rental Software CEO, Wayne Harris, wrote a blog about the purpose and definition of success ( Most companies and entrepreneurs measure success by growth in company size; however, Wayne contends that customer service is the true driving force behind a successful company and growth is the natural by-product and evidence of that.

Since the beginning of Point-of-Rental Software, our focus has always been you, our customers, and the growth of our company shows that care! We truly strive to offer increasingly higher levels of product support, customer service, and smart and innovative technology that is continually showing growth; to accomplish this, we are steadily adding to our team. Now at nearly 50 team members, we have added about 50 percent more square footage to our existing headquarters space in the heart of the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex. With the addition, came a renovation of the old area office space, and about six months later, the project is finally nearing full completion. After quite a bit of shuffling, departments are now getting settled in their new areas.

“The open concept office design enables us to work more effectively as a collaborative team to ensure consistency, efficiency, and timely communications to our valued customers,” stated by Frances Ellison, Point-of-Rental’s customer service guru.

You are the impetus behind our constant growth, so we welcome you to come on over and let us give you a full tour. Our facilities are complete with ample seating for continued expansion, an employee lounge, and new kitchen, we know we will thoroughly enjoy what you, our customers, have helped us do. Oh, and by the way, the artwork for our new look bring such a light and creativity to our office walls. The best part is that it was created by none other than our own beloved Earl Sherman!