Melanie Kaye headshot image in a circle frame surrounded by a leopard print circle

Melanie Kaye, Project Coordinator

Melanie Kaye started at Point of Rental as a receptionist and now works as a Project Coordinator, helping new Point of Rental users in the UK get set up with their software (in addition to getting other projects set up).

We talked about her career, from a short foray into hairdressing and time as a typist to learning how she got her start at Point of Rental. We learned about her love of leopard print (perhaps due to having grown up in Essex) and music festivals. And finally, we learned about the famous people she’s met and rated them based on how nice they were. 

We also played a game of Kaye or Not OK, where we discovered that she thinks it’s normal to talk to inanimate objects. 

Hear more from Melanie below:

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