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Elite Events & Rentals is a full-service party and event rental company. Their mission is to provide Tampa-area communities with the finest event rental equipment for any occasion. Brandon Ahlgren, the company’s owner, and his team strive to establish lasting relationships through flexible, convenient and efficient service. With a caring, professional and courteous staff dedicated to creating beautiful memories to last a lifetime, Elite Events & Rentals has grown quickly since their founding in 2007.


It was 2012 and Elite Events & Rentals was earning less than $1 million in revenue. Ahlgren thought perhaps his company “wasn’t ready yet” for Point of Rental, but as he continued to do his research…


…he decided to join the Point of Rental family, installing the software in early 2013 after a search through competing software options. Aside from providing excellent software, Ahlgren found that Point of Rental’s 24/7 support promise was legitimate – he called companies’ support lines late at night and found himself talking to a Pointer.


Ahlgren started with one user license on one computer, and now he’s up to 15 users in two locations. “We’ve added Fulfillment, we’ve added POs, we’ve added Dispatch,” said Ahlgren. “Everything we do, it just makes our lives easier.”

He’s used customer reports to discover which customers hadn’t rented in a while, following up with them to renew the relationship. He’s added damage waivers to his contracts. By entering component pieces of his equipment, inventory control is now a breeze, from pulling items to loading them on trucks and ensuring his team brings everything back.

As his company continues to grow, Ahlgren’s favorite part of working with Point of Rental is that the company puts a high value on innovation and growth.

“The ownership of the company and the people are always trying to improve the system, which really makes our life easier,” he said.

With a continually evolving software, caring support team at the other end of the line, and a growth mindset, Elite Events & Rentals’ outlook is bright in sunny Central Florida.

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