Marty Starck, the company’s owner and president, formed Lift Works in 2003, providing big business services with a family business philosophy. They provide reliable equipment; on-time delivery; fast, responsive service and a dedication to excellence. They also hire experts in the fields they serve, providing 360-degree expertise that enables their clients to be productive, safe, and on-track with their budgets and timelines.


Management was growing frustrated with their previous software and realized they needed to get their team together on one page so they could reduce miscommunication issues and streamline their processes. They were also looking for a software company that was there to help when they did have issues.


Lift Works made the switch to Point of Rental in May 2015 and haven’t looked back. Using the company’s Rental Expert product, they’ve brought their entire staff into the software, from the office team to their truck drivers and mechanics.


Lift Works’ team is united through their software, and they’re now connected with their software’s support staff, too. They regularly contact Point of Rental’s support team to ensure they’re getting the most from their software. “They’re always available, day or night or weekend – they answer and they want to help you,” said Executive Director Melissa Christensen.

The in-house connection is helping Lift Works with its customers, as well.

“Our customers seem a lot happier – we’re able to provide the information right away,” said Christensen. “They’re now able to get things that they couldn’t before…so they’re noticing great changes.”

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