Big 4 Party Rentals is a family-owned company in Northern California that is passionate about the event & rental business. They serve the San Francisco Bay area, including Marin County, San Francisco, East Bay, Sonoma, and Solano counties. They provide planning assistance and rentals for events from small backyard parties to events with thousands of attendees.


Rob Roberts started Big 4 in 2009 – he knew what he wanted to do with his business, but didn’t have lots of experience in the rental industry. He and his team wanted reliable software that was backed with experienced experts who were always available to help if needed.


With hundreds of years’ worth of in-store rental experience on staff and nearly 30 (at the time) years of building innovative software for the rental industry, Point of Rental checked all the boxes for Rob. Big 4 has used Point of Rental since the beginning.


Sometimes, a company will start with rental software and quickly outgrow it. That hasn’t happened with Big 4 and Point of Rental. The company started with fewer than 10 employees, and over the past decade has grown to 30, 40 employees and beyond. Every step of the way, Point of Rental has been able to grow with their needs.

And with all those new employees at Big 4, Point of Rental’s 24/7 phone support has been key to ensuring every trainee has someone available whenever they run into trouble, whether it’s one of Big 4’s vets or one on the other end of the line at Point of Rental.

“They have incredible service, 24 hours if needed,” said Rob. “They’re very flexible when it comes to helping us with implementing plans, new ideas.”

But it’s not just the ability to take care of what Big 4 needs now that has Rob so satisfied with his software or his relationship with Point of Rental. It’s the knowledge that his business, his opinions, and his ideas matter to his software company.

“The unique thing that Point of Rental offers is that we, the customers, drive where Point of Rental goes. If we have a request or a need, Point of Rental has consistently been able to fulfill that need – address it, and put it into the software,” Rob said.

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