Concrete Strategies

Concrete Strategies logo

Concrete Strategies isn’t a traditional rental outlet; they use Point of Rental to “rent” items out internally, avoiding the need to…

MK Equipment

MK Equipment logo

MK Equipment left their inventory software behind and added Point of Rental several years ago, which made a big difference in their…

Reddy Rents

Reddy Rents logo

Using Point of Rental gave Reddy Rents the ability to connect with seasonal renters and suggest re-renting items, helping them boost…

Rental Guys

Rental Guys logo

With 11 locations throughout Northern California and Nevada, Rental Guys has a lot of equipment to track. That can be especially…

Lease Crutcher Lewis

Lease Crutcher Lewis logo

The data within the software also drives Lease Crutcher Lewis’ investments – they’re able to see which equipment they need more of and…

Party Pro Rents

Party Pro Rents logo

Point of Rental helps Party Pro Rents track tens of thousands of inventory items, manage a website, handle last-minute changes, and…

Chet’s Rent-All

Chet's Rent All logo

Chet’s Rent-All used to use software that required multiple updates any time they wanted to change something, which would sometimes…

Mr Plant Hire

Mr Plant Hire logo on a heavy equipment background

Often, the only time you really dive deep into how you have your software and your processes set up is when you’re implementing some…

Bercon Rentals

Bercon Rentals logo with a blurred-out scissor lift in the background.

Bercon Rentals was continuing to grow, but they needed an opportunity to bring the team together and get going the same direction…

Conveying & Hoisting Solutions

Conveying & Hoisting Solutions logo

“We started noticing improvements in our rental management processes shortly after implementing Syrinx. One significant enhancement was…”