Reynolds Hire: Growing Fast With Syrinx


With over 36 years in the market, Reynolds Hire is one of Cape Town’s leading tool and equipment hire, sales and repairs companies. They’re a leading South African supplier of industrial tools, construction power tools & equipment, as well as material handling equipment. They also offer a comprehensive range of renowned brands and quality equipment for hire and for sale, including a full workshop and repairs facility as well as a delivery service.


The system that Director Gary Neubert and team acquired with the business was “antiquated” and wasn’t designed to handle the point-of-sale needs that a rental business needs to have.


In late 2022, Gary and the Reynolds Hire team got in touch with Point of Rental’s South African team, gearing up to start using Syrinx in 2023.


Since switching to Syrinx, Reynolds Hire has seen significant growth in their business, growing 45 percent over the past 8-12 months. Gary and the team attribute that growth, in part, to the way Point of Rental makes doing their jobs easier:

Ease of Use

“Having the Point of Rental system has made it easier for us to load new products on to the system, to load new customers – just right across the board,” Gary said. “It’s made it easier for us to do business.”


“It’s quick and easy to load customers into the system, to load new products onto the system, to load suppliers and to generate quotes, purchase orders, etc. Just as an all-around package, it’s made our lives a lot easier.”


“I can see exactly what’s happening from a stock and customer point of view – what equipment the customers have out there in the marketplace – and it’s just a click of the button. I’m on the system and I can see exactly what I need to see…I think all that played quite a massive role as it is a key part of our business – we’re in a competitive environment. So you can’t wait days to get a quote; you need to do it very quickly.”

Learn more about Gary and Reynolds Hire’s journey by watching the video above; to find out how Point of Rental can work in your business, fill out the form below!

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