An engineer works on a Mr. Plant Hire lift.

Mr. Plant Hire Moves Toward Paperlessness


Mr. Plant Hire was founded in 1981 by David Elsdon. They’re dedicated to ensuring top-quality plant, an excellent level of service, and an unequivocal commitment to safety. Lucy Mitchell, the company’s powered access assistant manager, has been with the company since 2010, when the company was already using Syrinx.


The company is trying to go paperless. Between printing barcodes and scanning them to go against contracts, drivers carrying delivery or collection notes and having to wait for paperwork to return to enter it, a lot of time and money was being wasted on paper.


In 2018, Mr. Plant Hire implemented several Point of Rental apps designed specifically to aid in creating paperless offices, like Driver, Driver Scheduler, and Workshop.


The apps have helped save Lucy heaps of time in her role.

“With the Driver Scheduler, [delivery/collection notes are] already on the system. As soon as it’s confirmed, the contract can go straight out to the customer,” she said. “The whole process is just a lot quicker and the customers prefer it.”

Because the data is also available to the admin team, information is accurately passed between different departments, eliminating mix-ups and frustrating last-second scrambles to try to overcome them.

And when Mr. Plant Hire wanted customised offhire, on-hire, and collection reports to reflect information they’d been getting from other hire companies, Point of Rental was able to provide the data they were looking for, allowing them to better serve their customers as well.

While Lucy’s never known another hire software, she says Syrinx is popular with Mr. Plant Hire’s more recently hired staff: “A colleague of mine said that this is the best [hire software] she’s ever used. It’s easy, simple, and not hard to navigate.”

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