MK Equipment

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MK Equipment left their inventory software behind and added Point of Rental several years ago, which made a big difference in their…

Rental Guys

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With 11 locations throughout Northern California and Nevada, Rental Guys has a lot of equipment to track. That can be especially…

Lease Crutcher Lewis

Lease Crutcher Lewis logo

The data within the software also drives Lease Crutcher Lewis’ investments – they’re able to see which equipment they need more of and…

Mr Plant Hire

Mr Plant Hire logo on a heavy equipment background

Often, the only time you really dive deep into how you have your software and your processes set up is when you’re implementing some…

Bercon Rentals

Bercon Rentals logo with a blurred-out scissor lift in the background.

Bercon Rentals was continuing to grow, but they needed an opportunity to bring the team together and get going the same direction…

McMahon Hire Solutions

McMahon Hire Solutions logo

As a new hire company without dedicated hire software, McMahon Hire Solutions had data everywhere. It was causing issues with…

Fulton Hogan

Fulton Hogan logo image

In 2019, Fulton Hogan found Point of Rental and their Syrinx product. From the initial consultations, it was clear that Point of Rental understood the requirements of the company and took their needs seriously.

North London Plant Hire

Background North London Plant Hire has been operating for more than 100 years, starting out as a window-cleaning business that moved into hiring out ladders, then lifts, and now hire all manner of plant and tool equipment. NLPH operates from its headquarters in the London borough of Hackney and its new branch in Brimsdown/Enfield. Problem […]

Total Rental

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Total Rental’s previous software was built to handle rental as it was – it was unable to work easily with a lot of the other software that…

Gwynedd Forklifts

Point of Rental has provided Gwynedd Forklifts “far too many benefits to list. The Syrinx Mobile applications make my job the easiest as…”