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Eagle Plant Hire Builds Customer Success with Syrinx


Eagle Plant Hire has grown from humble beginnings to become the plant and tool hire company of choice for many in Scotland and Northern England. The company has grown exponentially in the last three years, investing heavily in their hire and transport fleet to continue to meet customer demand. Their fair, transparent approach keeps clients at the heart of what they do.


The company had been using a pen-and-paper hire process since its inception when they started looking at software in 2006. At the time, most hire companies were using manual processes, which meant that a lot of critical data was being lost, making it hard to compete with the “big boys”. 


Eagle Plant Hire’s vision included expansion beyond the handful of big customers that they had at the time. That led them to Syrinx, which provided them insight they needed not only to grow, but to really enhance their customer service. 


Not only has Eagle Plant Hire enhanced their processes, but their customers are seeing huge benefits. Thanks to Syrinx and Operations Director Gary Reynolds, the company’s customers get advanced reports that help clients pass health and safety inspections easily. 

The company has won lots of business by using Syrinx’s customer reports to count down the days until a servicing is due and to send those notifications out via the task scheduler. 

These reports have completely turned businesses around: One customer’s Scotland region was their worst-performing region in the UK. They’d even been failing audits. When they started working with Eagle Plant Hire, they became the best-performing region and have been each year since then. 

According to Reynolds, it’s been incredibly helpful to him in operations, as well. 

When he trains his new staff on the training version of the software, he hears “This system is far, far better than my previous employer’s.” When he has an issue, he knows that Point of Rental’s support team is keen to help. 

“Every issue, it gets dealt with. That’s all I can ask,” said Reynolds. “From the support team, to the reporting team, to the sales guy, the training guys…I couldn’t fault [Point of Rental]. I really couldn’t.”

All in all, Syrinx is “easy to use, self-explanatory – not hard work,” Reynolds said. With happier, more successful customers and a booming business, Syrinx and Eagle Plant Hire are positioned to continue to grow. 

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