Essentials added the ability to select rental items via its in-store kiosk.

Rental Essentials Adds Kiosk Functionality

Rental Essentials, Point of Rental’s cloud-based rental software, has enhanced its Kiosk feature. Designed to enhance the customer experience by allowing customers to self-serve, the program is now equipped to allow customers to choose what they want to rent before approaching the counter to talk to an employee.

“This is a big step forward for consumers visiting rental stores,” said VP of Cloud Products Evan Fort. “This technology allows stores to help more than one customer at a time and avoid lines at the counter.”

Kiosk’s Item Selection is automatically included for anyone with the kiosk package, and is part of a recent software update. That update includes the ability to set the default duration for kiosk contracts to close of business, perfect for quick-turnaround shops. The two functions work hand-in-hand to help businesses deal with rushes of customers efficiently and relieve employee stress.

Anyone interested in trying out Rental Essentials can get started with 14 days free. Just visit to create your account or call 855-568-7368.

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