In my last post about using social media in the rental industry, I covered how important it is as a company to be sharing engaging content on social platforms, such as LinkedIn and Facebook. A company’s interactions online not only strengthen and sell your brand, but they also create ongoing relationships with customers and potential customers alike.

Many of you may be wondering, “Where in the world do I start? I have no idea how to use social media!” The good news is that there are others who, while once in your shoes, have learned how to leverage social as a powerful marketing and engagement tool. After a bit of research, I interviewed two companies in the Party/Event and Tool/Equipment industries that are excelling on these online platforms. Read on to learn their strategies, takeaways, and tips.

Party/Event Industry – A to Z Event Essentials

Located in Madison, WI, Event Essentials provides tents, seating, linens, tables and more for events of all sizes.

Why are you using social media?

Facebook and Pinterest are highly visual mediums — perfect for displaying gorgeous photos from our events. Twitter is a conversational platform where we can share articles about event design and engage with followers.

What is your social strategy?

Inspire users to make their dream event come to life. Post photos, articles and blog posts 2-3x’s per week, engage with followers and boost well-performing posts through Facebook ads.

What are three ways social has helped your business?

Clients, especially brides, love to see photos of our work. Posting photos of new products, installations and the whole event helps with bookings. It’s also a way to show our community involvement and cross-promote.

What are tips you would give a rental company in the Party/Event Industry?

1. DIY and events are huge on social right now! Share relevant information and incorporate popular hashtags. 2. It’s not about you, it’s about your audience. Users aren’t interested in sales pitches, they want helpful information that benefits them. 3. You don’t have to be on every platform. Pick one/two that make the most sense for your brand.

What are your favorite posts and why?

Blog posts are interesting/informational and we’re able to incorporate products without getting too “salesy.” They receive the most engagement.

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Equipment/Tool Industry – Acme Tool

Located in North Dakota, Minnesota and Iowa, Acme Tools offers tools, equipment and supplies to help you get every job done right.

Why are you using social media?

We not only keep an eye on the accounts that we’ve already established, but also those that are trending/new. Social media has a niche relevancy toward connecting to our customers and we want to communicate and connect with them how they want to be reached.

What is your social strategy?

Supplemental marketing, overall branding, finding new ways to engage the consumer & connecting with them on a more personal level.

What’s the best thing about social media for your business?

It’s an opportunity to stand out in the crowd, to relate to our fans and form a relationship beyond being a seller or a buyer.

What are tips you would give a rental company in the Tool/Equipment Industry?

1. Learn who your customers are and confirm whether or not they are using the platform(s). 2. Develop and tailor a strategy according to what feedback you receive, what the engagement levels tell you, and how consumer behavior begins to shape your plan.

What are your favorite posts and why?

The Facebook posts to the left are probably some of our better-performing ones. That’s the fun with social media, you don’t know when or how a post will be successful, but when you capture the audience’s attention, you connect with them beyond just being a retailer and you get BIG results. Not only does this make social media fun, but it also then sets the stage or challenge to try to make it happen over and over again.

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Do you know of other rental companies that are doing a great job with social media? What are some of your tips for success? Leave a comment below!