Trinity Equipment Rentals has been serving Southern California since 2011. They bring more than 100 years of industry experience to their interactions with equipment renters and offer Tier IV machines, which meet the demands of California’s emission requirements. They take pride in maintaining efficient, properly equipped machines that are ready to work when their customers are. 


“Our accounting books were just a mess when I got hired,” said Marie Morales, Trinity’s Sales Coordinator and Controller. “I don’t even know how they kept track of things.”

They didn’t have the ability to modify contracts, invoice numbering didn’t always make sense…by 2015, they knew they needed a new software to bring their business together.


That’s when Trinity Equipment Rentals discovered Point of Rental Software. Almost as soon as it was installed, it began making life easier for them. As they learned more, they began to implement its functionality and now it plays a key role in every aspect of their business.


Marie and the Trinity team noticed the impact immediately: “When we got [Point of Rental] it was just, like ‘Whoa…there’s all these options! We can do so many things now!’” 

Robert Cooley, their dispatcher, uses Point of Rental to update tier compliance information, to store photos, serial information, etc. so he can provide key information quickly to customers. More than once, the ability to store and find that information quickly has saved customers a day of work wasted due to a lack of proper documentation. 

It informs their sales team – both regarding their inventory so they have speedy answers to questions, but also of their relationship history with their customers. The ability to see past contracts refreshes memories and helps remind customers that the folks at Trinity do remember them, their needs, and that they’re the people to come to when they have an equipment need. 

Point of Rental makes it easier for their parts and service teams to find what they need and get it to customers more quickly. 

It’s even helped Marie straighten out the books and clear away a lot of the clutter that had been so overwhelming. 

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