Founded in 1975, Tejas Equipment Rental is a locally-owned and operated Texas company that strives every day to deliver a great customer experience on every hire contract. They serve the Central & South Texas market with forklifts, compaction equipment, excavators, trenchers, generators, backhoes, site servicing and much more. With seven locations, including new locations in New Braunfels & San Marcos, they provide the equipment and service that people in Central and South Texas need to get the job done.


Tejas Equipment Rental was using spreadsheets to manage their equipment. Spreadsheets did a great job of listing all the equipment they had, but it wasn’t helpful for, say, equipment histories or customer histories with equipment. If anything hadn’t been entered properly, it was hard to tell what had gone wrong and when. They needed hire software to maintain proper accountability, track their equipment, and to help provide excellent customer service.


In 2016, owner Peter Casas and Tejas Equipment Rental found Point of Rental. They visited the company’s International Conference, talked to hundreds of Point of Rental users, and determined that Point of Rental would provide not only the software they needed, but would be an excellent partner for the future.


Tejas is loving the new functionality Point of Rental provides. It’s shortened their training schedule for new employees and simplified customer interactions.

“It makes it easy for a guy at the equipment counter to know what questions to ask,” said Peter. “Having a contract that explains how to use it, and the dos and don’ts, have tremendously cut down on service calls and exchanges for us.”

Better still for Peter and the Tejas team, implementation went smoothly due to Point of Rental’s implementation process, where the company sent trainers to their locations to teach their employees to use the software as efficiently as possible. 

“We’ve got multiple locations, so they had to send teams to each region, and they were fantastic with sitting down and teaching you a lot in a short amount of time,” said Peter. “It’s very simple to use and we picked it up really quick.”

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