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Party Time Rentals provides Ocala, Gainesville, and the whole Central Florida region with incredible tent and event decor services. Co-owners Scott and Dawn Lovell grew up in the area and have used their knowledge of the area, business, and design to help make countless events the best they can be for their customers. Creating lots of events means you’re generating a lot of important data, from contracts to customers to dispatch routes and so on. So getting the right computer software was a big deal for them.


The Lovells had been searching for a new software for a while – their previous software wasn’t meeting their needs. But when their system crashed in March 2010, it condensed their timeline for converting considerably.


Fortunately, they’d progressed pretty well in talks with Point of Rental and had already kind of made their decision. That meant all it took was getting POR’s team out to Ocala and helping transfer data from a broken-down old system to its new home.


Point of Rental sent their team and had Party Time Rentals up and running on their new system within days. Their data from the old software transferred over and suddenly, Party Time was able to get so much more out of their business.

Most convenient for them was the inventory control. “Point of Rental really makes it easy to figure out what’s coming in, what’s going out,” Dawn said. Scott added, “I know what everybody is seeing, what they’re doing, what they have to produce.”

“Everybody within the company can use Point of Rental in some form to improve our bottom line or end results,” said operations manager Levi Abbett.

The company uses Dispatch Center and Contract Fulfillment to ensure they’re getting everything on all their delivery trucks and that those routes are as tight as possible. Point of Rental allows them to say “yes” to more events than ever.

But more important to Party Time is that Point of Rental says “yes” to their customers as well.

“I love the way Point of Rental really listens to the client, said Dawn. “At every turn, they listen to what we say and they try really hard to implement and make changes to the system. As your company grows, Point of Rental grows along with you.”

“I can call the support team whenever and there’s always someone there to answer,” John Smithies, co-owner, said.

Smithies especially appreciates the addition of uInnovate, the company’s feedback management system. He submits suggestions and his fellow Point of Rental users vote on the ones that would help them. Those suggestions often turn into software features soon. Last year, more than 300 user suggestions got added to Point of Rental’s software options.

All in all, Point of Rental has helped transform Party Time Rentals’ potentially disastrous situation into an enjoyable one. Said Scott, “It’s been a game-changer for us, in simplifying things with our team. Incrementally, as you go, it becomes more fun because of Point of Rental.”

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