Busylad Rent-All provides tents and event decor for events like this outdoor wedding.


Busylad Rent-All in Tupelo, Mississippi, has served Lee, Pontotoc and Itawamba counties, plus their surrounding areas, since 1967. They offer full-service wedding and party rentals to meet every need as a party/event rental company, and they provide top-notch equipment/tool rentals for homeowners and contractors.


While Busylad Rent-All had been using Point of Rental to manage their inventory since 2008, they were using paper loading and check-in sheets in their warehouse, which was leading to duplicate processes and lost paperwork. Pulling, loading, and check-in outside of the system caused confusion; orders getting mixed up between customers with similar picklists resulted in not knowing who was short items.


Busylad implemented Contract Fulfillment into their Point of Rental software. By connecting the warehouse and kitchen and the front counter, everyone is able to see what’s needed for each order, what’s been pulled, what still needs to be pulled, and more. It’s mobile-accessible, which means staff no longer have to find a PC and remember quantities or jot them down before pulling pieces.


Point of Rental’s Contract Fulfillment has helped keep Busylad’s staff on the same page. Being able to have accurate counts and load sheets has cut the company’s “go back” trips, saving on gas, labor, and time spent making additional trips.

The ability to access images of each product and its warehouse location from a mobile device has reduced training time by giving new employees the tools they need to find items quickly. It has shortened the time spent on both loading and checking in each order.

Overall, Contract Fulfillment has allowed Busylad Rent-All to spend more time focusing on creating great experiences for their customers.

“We had a large event in the last two weeks – we delivered 245 unique items totaling 7,500 overall pieces. By using Fulfillment, we didn’t forget a single item,” said Buddy Stubbs, President of Busylad Rent-All. “Thanks for a SUPER product.”

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