Whether it’s at the office or at home, our Syrinx developers continue to produce software changes intended to benefit the hire industry. Version 4.38.3 brings a new integration and new functionality within hire, sales, CRM, purchasing…even in the new Syrinx 365.

Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Route optimisers in Syrinx now have another integration option in RouteSavvy. Unlike free software like Bing or Google Maps, which limit routes to a dozen or so stops, RouteSavvy allows customers to optimise scores of stops in a trip. Dispatchers can create routes in RouteSavvy (or Route4Me, which is already integrated) and bring the route into Syrinx to organise their jobs lists.
  • Users of our Workshop app can reschedule jobs for different dates or times. Current jobs will be marked as completed and a new job, to be completed at a new date/time.
  • If you’ve shut down a job too early, you can now add parts and labour costs to jobs now. This will help your recordkeeping team and more accurately track additional work done after a job has been marked complete.
  • Arranging a collection or a delivery, but the customer won’t be on-site? eSign will allow you to send collection or delivery notes from Syrinx. When the customer signs it, the signature will be stored in your records and you’ll be good to go.
  • Syrinx 365 users can now access the configuration section of Syrinx directly from Syrinx 365. They’ll also be able to add favourites, making common configuration changes easier to complete.
  • Users can now import suspense days against individual fleet items (or percentages to charge) for dates that have not been invoiced. This is especially helpful for users in countries on lockdown.
  • If you’re entering or amending purchase orders, the new Details tab allows you to select predefined standard note text to your printed notes. So if you serve different industries and provide different text for each industry, it’s easy to select the proper verbiage for purchase orders (and you don’t have to worry about consistency).

There are many more additions to the new version of Syrinx. If you’re using Syrinx and you’d like to see the full release notes, let us know about it by emailing [email protected]. If you aren’t using Syrinx, you can find out about everything the program has to offer by setting up a demo with our sales team.