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Frequently Asked Questions

In short, because every business is different. Our software has pretty much every feature a hire business can think of…but not every business needs the same features. Prices vary based on users, locations, the features you need, what your current IT infrastructure looks like, etc. Our team will make sure you’re getting the software you want at reasonable prices. And if you change your mind or your circumstances change, you can always add or remove features, users, locations, or even switch products later.
EPIC is our acronym highlighting our core values – empowering, principled, innovative, and caring. Our commitment to these values has resulted in successful, happy users of our software and lifelong partners throughout the industry. From your first connection with us until the day you retire, we hope you’ll think of us as an EPIC partner, too.
We’ve helped thousands of businesses move their data to Point of Rental, and throughout the last 38 years, we’ve gotten pretty good at doing it efficiently. After getting through the process, customers typically tell us it was easier than they’d anticipated.
Our software integrates with not only Quickbooks, but many of the other top accounting software solutions in the world, like Xero, Intacct, and Sage. Talk with our team to discover the other ways we integrate with software you already use.
While we got our start helping single-location hire stores, we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing solutions for anyone who wants to get into hire. That includes several of the world’s top equipment companies and internationally-known home improvement and recreational equipment businesses.
Everyone starts somewhere. We started our business with just one shop renting anything from home landscaping items to videos. (VHS! Remember those?) Our team is able to handle the needs of your small business, whether you want to grow or you just want to save some time and effort around the office.
We’re working with more than 5,000 businesses worldwide, and most of ‘em are between the extremes. Yes, we’re definitely built for you.
If you think about it, it’s the ideal way to price software. Previously, we were limited by the marketing and selling cycles for updates. We’d have to produce physical media and ship it and install it, and it didn’t make sense to update anything more often than once a year or so, given the cost of a new edition. Now, we can update the software to add features you want every few weeks. Can you imagine trying to support hundreds of different versions of the same software? So not only are we able to provide you with the newest, most up-to-date software, we’re able to give you better customer service. And subscription pricing makes it easier for you, both to start (lower up-front costs) and adapt (add or drop features as you decide they’re necessary).
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