I have read numerous books and heard countless speeches on how to develop a successful business. While these almost always inspire me with new ideas, they have left me pondering what defines success. What should be the leading goal of a business? Of course there are many possible answers to this question, but all too often companies believe that growth is the primary objective. Motivated by company expansion, they set targets to achieve this goal at the exclusion of other key marks for a successful business.

I propose that we view growth in a different light: that it should be a natural by-product of first providing customers with value. When you put your customers first, you will be innovative, proactive, and as a result, your business will grow.

Since the inception of Point-of-Rental in 1983, our goal has been to provide our customers with real value. We work hard to provide you with top-notch customer service, innovative solutions and advanced technology. Because of this customer focus, I have watched the company grow over 1,000% in the last two decades that I’ve been here!

The reason behind our growth is you. We try our best to offer the best customer support in the industry. In fact, we have a higher ratio of customer support reps to customers than any of our competitors. Our goal is to immediately answer and resolve every call without it going to voicemail or having to be returned later. Our email support inquiries are also targeted to be solved within the hour. By having a team with firsthand rental knowledge that genuinely cares about you and your business, we can provide you with real value. We strive to offer our customers increasingly higher levels of support and customer service, and to accomplish this, we are continuously adding to this valuable team.

Point-of-Rental is also constantly working to keep you on the cutting edge of technology. Behind the scenes, this means innovative programmers are working diligently to implement new features that will better your business every day. In the last couple of years, we have expanded our programming department by 300% and are regularly adding inventive minds who know rental.

We’re excited to offer the best technology and software support in the rental industry; we are confident these will have a positive impact on your customer service and your business’s growth as well.

Thank you for partnering with us,

Wayne Harris
CEO of Point-of-Rental Software