Point of Rental is growing. 10 years ago, the company had one product, one office, and if you weren’t in the U.S. or Canada, you’d probably never heard of us. Seven years ago, we added a cloud-based option; five years ago we expanded our product line and added our first international offices…and in 2021, we grew from a little more than 150 employees to nearly 300. VP of Global Customer Experience Darrin Smith joined the team early during 2021’s explosive growth and is helping bring together the global CX team to ensure users have an amazing experience from the time they join Point of Rental until…well, until the end of time.

For January’s mid-month Front Porch podcast, we talked to him about what he’s learned from running customer experience teams at other global software companies, what he found when he got here, some of the changes that have taken place and even some cool stuff we’re about to implement in order to serve Point of Rental users as well as possible.

We also talked about the value of feedback – more than 4,000 people responded to post-service surveys this year. Those responses helped guide things like which teams to create, which processes to revise, and what content is needed for our Learning & Development teams to build.