Maximise Your Software

Thinking “I wish Syrinx could do just a little bit more?” It probably can! Check out some of the enhancements we offer so you can get what you want out of your software.

Customer Experience

Online Ordering

Hire anytime – no matter where your customer is. Item rates, pictures, specifications and instructions are automatically uploaded to your website. Full shopping cart functionality allows for online hire quotes or web orders to be sent into Syrinx. Sites are mobile-friendly and optimised for use across any device.

Syrinx WS​

Give your customers direct access to their account information, freeing them to view their items on hire, download POD’s, safety instructions and current certification, and more whenever they require. They’ll be able to view and print their contracts and invoices, freeing your team to focus on the next customer.


With eSign, you’re able to collect signatures immediately via a tablet at your counter or through email. Signatures are stored securely in the cloud and organised for easy access. You’re able to collect payments easily in the system, as well.

Internal Operations​

Workshop App + Scheduler

Equipment maintenance can be quite a process, but you’ll save time and paper by letting Syrinx handle your services, pre-delivery inspections, off-hire inspections, breakdowns, and customer repairs. The information will be stored to Syrinx automatically and accessible via mobile to keep everyone up-to-date.

Operator App + Scheduler​

Manage your machine operators more efficiently. Operator App allows machine operators to view their upcoming schedule, enter timesheet hours against contracts, and sync to Syrinx for review. Scheduler allows you to filter by which operators are available/qualified/within a certain radius of the job, allowing you to allocate by shift or contract.

Driver App + Scheduler​

Increase efficiency and save money by utilising the Syrinx Driver Scheduler and mobile Driver App. Drivers receive jobs directly on their mobile device and allows them to process deliveries, collections, exchanges, depot transfers, contract service jobs, capture photos, process vehicle checks, capture signatures, and GPS information and automatically synchronises with Syrinx.

Route Optimisation​

You know where you’re going – see the most efficient way to get there with Route Optimisation. Syrinx works with various mapping programs, from Google Maps to Route4Me to RouteSavvy, with synchronised trip details keeping your team connected remotely.

Sales App​

Whether your sales team is on a customer site, in the depot, or even working from home, they’ll be able to access the data they need. Based on assigned levels of access, they can access inventory availability, write quotes/contracts, view customer accounts/balances, and more.

Task Scheduler​

Automatically send information or reports to customers, suppliers, or your own team at a time that works for you. Task Scheduler handles critical but repetitive tasks smoothly, like receiving AEMP data from machines to Syrinx, filing photos in system folders, or notifying customers about their daily transactions.

Document Scanning (local and network)​

Syrinx Document Scanning saves your company hours spent filing or retrieving documents, giving your staff more time to spend with customers or on other important duties. Use either local scanning (we provide a kit; optimal for one location) or network scanning (set up your own devices) – you’ll be able to scan docs in quickly and securely.

Power BI​

Dashboard brings your hire and sales, customer, fleet, turnover, and operational data together in an easy-to-understand way, tailored to your role. Powered by Microsoft, it links to Syrinx, Sage, and Access dimensions’ databases, allowing you to perform sophisticated analysis without specialist skills.

Point of Rental One​

Reach one another anywhere with the internal messaging system by sending messages (and photos) back and forth. It’s even where you’ll access all our other mobile features.

Accounts Transfer Tool ​

Automate your accounts transfer process by utilising the Syrinx Accounts Transfer Application. Supported accounts packages include Xero, Sage Instant, Sage 50, Sage 200, Sage 300, Access Dimensions, QuickBooks, MYOB, Exchequer, Pegasus Opera and more.

Invoicing Tools (EDI)​

Our Purchase Invoice Import Tool brings supplier invoices into Syrinx by standardising the data. You won’t need to individually key in all your invoices, reducing errors and saving time. Our Electronic Invoicing Tool effectively does the same thing for your outgoing sales invoices.



If there’s a feature you’re looking for and you feel like it should be part of what you’ve got, uInnovate is the place for you! You can make suggestions, vote on others’ suggestions, and encourage others to vote for yours. Our product development team sees your ideas and implements hundreds each year!



Sometimes you want to be able to do things a little differently. We’ve integrated with a lot of leading technology to ensure you can use it with Syrinx. This could be a custom integration with Dimensions 365, Oracle Financials, SAP, GPS tracking & AEMP telematics, business analytics, parts catalogues, or more. Check out some of our partners’ pages and see what else you can do.

Payment Processing

Want to easily collect payments over the counter, online as a hire is booked, or even via continuation billing? You can do that with Syrinx, too. Talk to us about our integrations with SagePay or other leading payment processors.


Every business relies on several different software products to run or optimise different processes. Our WebAPI provides a tool that allows for integrations with software products you love – if you have a software that you want to use that we don’t integrate with, let our team know and we’ll see if we can figure out a way to make it work.