The Syrinx experience of the future.

Syrinx 365 brings all of the features that made Syrinx the hire industry’s most popular software into a modern experience with a new front-facing UI designed to grow with you. Think of it as the next evolution of the software, with new abilities, like:

Searchability Showcase.

See what the updated searchability looks like in this step-by-step demo:


Everyone in a hire business has their own KPIs. Reduce noise and keep your teams focused with Admin page views – you can adjust data columns and locations and save searches and/or reports to be accessed by particular job roles.


Syrinx 365’s dashboards make it easy to identify business trends and adapt more quickly to them. They’re also customisable, allowing you to easily track the data that’s most important to you and your department role.


Syrinx 365 brings a better connection between your business, the internet, and your staff. Because it’s built on more modern technology, if you lose internet for a split second, you’ll remain connected to the task you were working on instead of having to log back in.

In addition, you’ll be able to connect more effectively with your team – you can message internally between users and anyone using Point of Rental One, our new mobile app. That includes attaching contracts, photos, video, and more.


Syrinx 365 will continue to evolve quickly, as it works with Point of Rental’s unified codebase. Rather than a few developers dedicated to enhancing Syrinx, Syrinx 365 will be able to easily implement new features from the entire company’s mobile and eCommerce teams, helping the feature set grow exponentially.

Here are some new features coming soon to Syrinx 365:

Drivers on POR One

Workshop on POR One

Consumer Portal

Managed hosting solutions

Ready to see Syrinx365 in action?

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