One of the core elements of Point of Rental’s BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal) is to “revolutionize the rental industry with our innovative technology”.

Reflecting on my journey with Point of Rental over the past 30 years, I remember a time when we had to persuade businesses that they needed software to help them manage their operations. Today, that narrative has shifted; now, our focus lies in demonstrating to potential clients how our software can optimize their business growth and efficiency. Our customers are leaders in the industry, consistently driving forward the adoption of best rental business practices.

You might be curious about why I’m discussing revolutionizing and efficiency when you expected a blog post about Record360.

Over the last decade, Record360 has been dedicated to transitioning people from antiquated paper check-in inspections and procedures to fully digital workflows for the modern age. This electronic workflow creates a consistent and transparent process for rental operators to reduce damage disputes, capture a complete history of inspections, and comply with ever-changing government regulations.

What might be surprising, though, is that it also increases customer satisfaction. When your customer knows that your equipment has been properly maintained, that confidence translates into more rentals for you. And, in the unfortunate situation where equipment is damaged on a rental, having good before and after photos or videos of the area fosters trust and helps the customer understand the damage was done while they had the equipment.

This is the heart of using innovative technology to revolutionize the industry. It is this kind of software that can push the industry to the forefront of using technology to increase efficiency, while also providing customers with tools that create great customer satisfaction.

We are thrilled to shepherd Record360’s growth, expanding its capabilities and growing its geographical and vertical markets. With our intimate knowledge of multiple rental management systems, we will be able to enhance Record360’s Open APIs to have even greater integration for any RMS or ERP, thus allowing Record360 an even greater influence on the industry. Enhancing the existing Record360 team with additional resources will turbocharge the innovation and speed at which we can continue to revolutionize the entire industry.

Happy renting,

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