Point of Rental earned a RER Innovative Product Award for Computer Software with their contactless rental solutions

Point of Rental Earns Seventh Consecutive RER Award

Fort Worth, Texas — By expanding their contactless rental solutions to provide instant relief for the rental industry as the first wave of COVID-19 hit worldwide, Point of Rental earned the 2020 RER Innovative Product Award for computer software.

“Last year required a lot of quick adaptation throughout the industry,” said Point of Rental CEO Wayne Harris. “Our team was able to provide several solutions quickly to a lot of people, and we were happy to hear it helped others tackle the challenges and the uncertainty they faced.”

When the coronavirus first began causing lockdowns worldwide, Point of Rental not only made their electronic signature solutions platform-agnostic so they could be used with any rental software, but they added integrated payment processing and made both products free for three months to any rental business.

Overall, the company gave more than $1.1 million worth of software to hundreds of businesses worldwide to help keep rental running safely in 2020.

As the year continued and in-person interactions were limited, businesses turned to drive-thru rental operations. Point of Rental added the ability to send documents for signature via SMS notification, speeding up the process for on-site rental requests.

The 2020 Innovative Product Award marks the company’s seventh consecutive RER Award for computer software and their tenth overall in the category.

To find out more about Point of Rental’s innovative solutions to the problems facing rental businesses (like contactless rental), visit pointofrental.com.

Über Point of Rental Software

Point of Rental Software bietet intelligente, skalierbare Miet- und Bestandsverwaltungssoftware für über 5.000 Unternehmensstandorte aller Größen und Branchen. Mit Niederlassungen in Großbritannien, den USA, Australien und Südafrika bietet Point of Rental der weltweiten Vermietungs- und Verleihbranche preisgekrönte Software und einen beispiellosen Kundensupport. Wenn Sie erfahren möchten, wie Ihr Unternehmen von Point of Rental profitieren kann, rufen Sie 844-943-7368 an, besuchen Sie pointofrental.com oder senden Sie eine E-Mail an [email protected]

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