We say it pretty often in our marketing literature: We have a LOT of in-store rental experience here at Point of Rental. And now we’re putting that knowledge and insight to even more use, going beyond software training and sending our experts out to help you run your business more efficiently and effectively. Sean Konys is heading up the team and joined us for a quick chat. We made sure to ask „why should anyone listen to you?“ early on, so you can decide if you want to listen to the rest. We also talked about who consulting is for, when it makes sense, what the process looks like, and how to get started. As someone who was „born and bred“ in the rental industry, he’s seen operations from the ground up. As a trainer and implementation specialist at Point of Rental for several years, he’s also seen how hundreds of rental businesses run. That depth and breadth of knowledge help him and his team bring best practices from across locations and industries to your business. If you think a consulting session could benefit your operations, fill out this form. Our consulting team will reach out soon to figure out if that’s the option that will benefit you most.

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