The Rental Essentials mobile app just got upgraded! Our developers have been hard at work adding functionality and continually improving all our features. If you already have Essentials, all you need to do to see the updates is refresh your browser.

With last night’s update, we added two useful elements to the Essentials mobile app. Quick Receive and Quick Send Out procedures join the delivery section to make the app a truly…well…essential part of Essentials. With Quick Send Out, you can find contracts via search or by scanning a barcode with a Bluetooth scanner or your phone’s camera. Once you’ve selected a contract, you can add items to the contract (or remove them). Quick Receive allows you to do the same; it can also receive part of an order and recalculate the amount owed for the items received.

These abilities also set the app up nicely to handle future planned updates that will help you run even more aspects of your business through your phone.

The mobile app enhancements are the sizzling steak in this Essentials upgrade, but these potatoes are savory and fulfilling, too:

  • If your store doesn’t allow overbooking, our Web Storefront will now notify customers attempting to pay for an overbooked reservation that they need to alter their item quantities or transaction dates to complete the reservation.
  • You can now add multiple emails within a customer record; when you send an invoice or contract to a customer, you’re no longer limited to the email of the person who set up the account. Let Rental Essentials manage that contact list of owners, heads of accounting, and other important emails for you.
  • If you’ve copied or split a transaction, had an early return for part of a contract, etc. it’s now easy to go back to the parent transaction, see what’s left, and make edits as needed; you can do that directly from the menu on the copied/split transaction screen.
  • Finally, if you’re using Kiosk in your store, you can upload a customized splash screen image that will display when a customer walks up to your kiosk. Don’t forget to create your image based on the display size and orientation of your kiosk screen!

Smaller updates (call these the vegetables – very important, but not as exciting) include:

E-Signature requires reading through the document before a customer can sign it. Contract barcode scanning bugs are fixed. Hour meter readings print on the contract. Lastly, we’ve added a warning notification to help ensure multi-store users don’t accidentally receive items as the wrong store.

To find out how Essentials can help you manage your inventory or your rental store, receive emails about all of our updates, and try out all of Essentials’ features free for 14 days, sign up on our Essentials page.