Starting in 2019, Rental Expert and Elite have joined Rental Essentials in adopting sprint updates to ensure our software is always the most innovative, feature-filled rental software available. Because updates are coming every couple weeks, we’re going to highlight a few items each quarter to show our progress – if you’re a current user of versions 2018 or 2019, you can find all the details of every update in NetHelp. 

Here are the highlights from 2019’s Q2 update:

▶ We integrated with EquipmentWatch

The integration allows users to update their item specs with data provided by EquipmentWatch, based on the item’s manufacturer and model number. That makes for quick and easy research when customers need to know critical details – size, power, etc. – of your available equipment. 

▶ We added warranty claim display.

When an item’s on a repair contract or work order, there’s now a red label at the top indicating if an item is under warranty. If it is, it’ll show if a claim has been submitted and the state of that claim.

▶ We made purchase orders easier to manage.

Once upon a time, users had to un-receive items on POs and zero out the quantity. Now it’s as easy as right-clicking and removing the item. Removed items will no longer be shown on the PO, either. You can use the PO Edit screen to see the changes over time. 

▶ We’ve made parts easier to track.

Part Items are no longer an Item Type, but a setting for any Sales Item. This makes it possible to highlight only your parts items in your item list. If you’re using multiple stores, you’ll also be able to see which parts are available at each of your locations. By creating a Sales Header and setting it as a Part Item, you can create serialized, fractional, and labor parts items – the possibilities are endless.

▶ We added Fulfillment features and made it faster.

RFID support is now supported in Fulfillment’s customer blind scan feature, allowing businesses to scan returned items and automatically receive it to the proper contract, closing the contract when everything is returned. RFID/Barcode scanned items are now sent to designated next steps in the process of getting ready-to-rent based on the action being performed – items being returned from a hire, for example, can be set to Wash or Dirty, depending on your business’s labelling system.

▶ We added multi-currency contracts.

Have a customer in another country, using another currency? Now you can easily invoice them in the currency of their choice. 

▶ We improved our ability to speak multiple languages.

Yes, Elite and Expert could speak other languages before. But like anyone learning a new language, they’re continuing to develop their knowledge, with more translations added often and into more areas of the software. 

▶ We added automatic cycle billing.

With continuation billing templates, you’re able to schedule them to run on their own. No more worrying about sending out the bills each month – your software will do it for you. 

If you’re a Point of Rental Expert or Elite user and you’d like to be an early adopter of new features, let us know at [email protected].