Rental Management Software Helps Large Companies Feel Small

Point of Rental’s own VP of Sales, Greg Bennett, spoke with RER Magazine recently to discuss trends in rental software, telematics, mobile apps, and making rental businesses more efficient. Here’s an excerpt:

RER: What have been the most overlooked features of rental software in the past year or so – in other words available features that rental companies tend to not take advantage of?

Bennett: With countless features to wirelessly connect the warehouse, jobsites, yards and drivers to the counter system through WiFi or any carrier network, paperless workflow delivers streamlined efficiency and often goes overlooked. By using tablets out in the warehouse or yard to fulfill and return orders, staff can replace load slips and prep reports to avoid errors with real-time updates and contract changes. Using mobile apps out in the field enables delivery drivers and jobsite crew to attach condition photos, notes, proof of delivery, pick-ups and even notifies the customer when they are in route. These paperless features relay the information in real-time to counter staff; reducing customer wait time while also eliminating miscommunication and mistakes due to missed notes or changed contracts.

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