Rental eSign collects electronic signatures anywhere, any time, and with any system.

Rental eSign: Any Document, Any Signature, Any Time

Point of Rental’s electronic signature product, Rental eSign, has expanded beyond contracts and agreements and can now be used to collect a signature on any document.

“This is a big development for Rental eSign,” said VP of Cloud Products Evan Fort. “Now it’s something that can be used by any rental store, anywhere, whether you’re using rental software or not. It opens up so many opportunities for ourselves and our customers.”

Initially created to enable rental stores to send additional agreements, addendums, or waivers, the product is capable of recording signatures on any PDF. It then stores signatures in a searchable database for easy future access.

Customers already using Rental eSign or Rental Essentials’ eSign feature will have the feature automatically added to their accounts. Find out more at or call 855-568-7368.

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