Point-of-Rental Software Rolls Out Enterprise 2013

Point-of-Rental has begun releasing the update many companies have been waiting for – Enterprise 2013.

Currently being installed on a rolling schedule to users on software support, Enterprise 2013 is the most monumental update in Point-of-Rental’s thirty year history. The entire rental management software program has been converted to the Microsoft .NET Framework which has been a long laborious task, but one definitely worth the effort.

Among many benefits, the move to the new framework ensures the longevity of Point-of-Rental software, and because .NET allows integration with leading edge technology, their programmers can continue providing rental companies with the most advanced rental software available.

With the conversion being the bulk of this update, the majority of changes are obviously “under the hood,” but Point-of-Rental’s innovative team of software engineers still packed in plenty of features that are sure to impress.

For a firsthand look at Enterprise 2013, be sure to stop by the Point-of-Rental booth, number 1661, at The Rental Show.

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