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2024 PEG Top Gun Award Winners Announced

UPDATE: As of July, Event Top Gun Award winners have been announced. 

At the end of May, Peer Executive Groups announced this year’s Top Gun award winners. Forty-eight companies made this year’s lists, including 23 that use Point of Rental to run their operations.

“We apply owner compensation, expense, and rent tests to verify EBITDA [Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation and Amortization], and check financial reports and tax returns where appropriate. While our network shows EBITDA performance closer to 28 percent, our Top Gun members average north of 40 percent,” said Dan Crowley, Peer Executive Groups president.

Here are this year’s Point of Rental-using Top Gun Award winners:


While PEG’s event and tent rental businesses average EBITDA is 9.5%, with a median of 9% – a significant drop-off due to labor cost increases, Top Gun winners average 26%, with a median of 23%.


The Top Gun award recognizes rental store operators who receive the PEG Pinnacle Award for Financial Excellence. The awards are given to the top 20 percent of rental stores based on financials submitted by rental operators and verified by Peer Executive Groups. This is the sixth year that PEG has named companies for the award.


These are rental operators who self-reported homeowners as at least 35% of their total volume. EBITDA achievement is more difficult in this sector due to increased costs for servicing smaller and shorter contracts.


These are companies whose rental sales amount to less than 70% of their total sales. Again, because their EBITDA is affected by their abnormal sales percentage vs. rental revenue, they are categorized differently and ranked in a separate list.

Congratulations to everyone who earned a Top Gun Award this year; y’all’s collaboration and continued success is inspirational!

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