It happens.

Whether it’s weird weather, pandemics, or careless customers, plenty of things are beyond your control as a hire store owner. Get control of everything else with reliable hire software.

How can Point of Rental Help You?

Point of Rental provides reliable-yet-innovative hire software solutions to manage your inventory, customers, deliveries, pickups, servicing, and anything else you do.


When your entire business runs on a software, you want to know the software is going to be around for you – shopping over and over and transferring data repeatedly is frustrating. We were founded by hire store owners in 1983 and we’ve built from there. With more than 5,000 businesses worldwide using our software, hire is our passion and your business’s success will remain our focus.


Whether you’re planning on growing now or you’re waiting for the right opportunity to come around, Point of Rental is able to work with you as you grow. We’re already working for small startups, international leaders, and all types of hire businesses in between; our team is here to help you achieve your growth goals and continue to serve you once you get there.

Ease of Use

An hour saved training is an hour your team could be helping a customer, fixing inventory, or planning for the future. We build software that’s easy to understand and easy to train on, backed by 24/7 support and comprehensive documentation within the software. We even have a feature that allows you to build out training checklists to ensure you’ve documented the training your team has received!


Some software products are easy to use because they don’t do much. This isn’t the case with Point of Rental, which can handle everything from RFID/barcode scanning to dispatch management to internal process tracking to reporting to invoicing to eliminating second runs to…well, if you do it as a hire business, we’ll help you track it.

Set up Your Free Personalized Demo

Whether you have a question about features, trials, pricing, need a demo, or anything else, our team is ready to answer your questions.